Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder thwarted my adult life. I had no idea what was wrong. A psychiatrist at a rehab clinic diagnosed me when I was 41. He told me that I was ill, that there were others like me, and that I could recover.

My life changed on that day. CBT put me on the road to recovery, and OCD-UK helped me to stay there. I am extremely proud to be a trustee of an organisation that can have such a positive impact on people’s lives – I see this at every peer support group I attend.

I hope to see OCD-UK expand its portfolio of service offerings over the next few years. I am hoping that my peer support training, skills and experience can help design and deliver new and innovative ways of helping OCD-UK members.


The difference we make…
I will feel like the strongest person in the world if I can overcome this. And OCD-UK will have played a big part in my recovery, even if that sounds strange, so thank you.Elkie