Sandy Nisbet

I am an ex-sufferer of OCD. In my final year of university, I became very unwell with OCD and was forced to drop out. However, with the guidance of OCD-UK I was able to get the right treatment and make a full recovery. Bar a brief relapse, I have been OCD-free since 2012.

I believe recovery from OCD is a hope that all sufferers can have, and though volunteering at OCD I have done my best to share that hope, and provide useful advice and support. After all, I know what it’s like to feel trapped with OCD, to feel that there is no possibility of a recovery, but I know from my own experience that is far from the truth. It is my ambition as part of OCD-UK to help more people come to that realisation.


OCD, Faith and Climate Change
Sandy spoke about his OCD experiences during our 2020 virtual conference. Click the link above to watch his presentation.


The difference we make…
Once again thanks to you and the team for your hard work and advice it has really helped and enabled us to establish a focal point to work from.M