Hi, I’m Zoë, and I am the Education and fundraising officer for OCD-UK. I was around 8 years old when I remember OCD becoming a problem for me, however, I finally received therapeutic intervention in my early 20’s. Now aged 30 I consider myself to be in recovery.

I first joined OCD-UK in 2019 and have been the project lead for the young ambassadors’ project and parent project. I have a lot of experience in working with parents who have children with OCD and delivering educational workshops to employers who have requested training on how to support a colleague with OCD.

In January 2024, I will be running an extension on our parent project by delivering educational workshops both online and in person across the country. These workshops will help parents learn more about their child’s condition and give them a safe space to share their experiences amongst other parents who feel and share their current struggles. Please email parents@ocduk.org for more information.

Overall, I am very passionate about supporting family members who have a loved one with OCD, and I co-host alongside my colleague Laura to deliver specific themed online support groups to people who are supporting a loved one with OCD.


The difference we make…
This project has made her feel less alone with OCD and like a normal teenager.A member of the OCDUKYA