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What's new in OCD research?

Saturday 17th October 2020
11:30am - 12:30pm
Presented by
Dr Lynne Drummond is a Consultant Psychiatrist.

Presentation subject

The talk will aim to examine 4 main questions:

  1. How does CBT compare with drug treatment (SSRIs).
  2. What is the best approach to CBT for OCD?
  3. How does Covid-19 impact on treatment for OCD (not just for those with contamination fears)?
  4. For those who do not respond to standard treatments, what are the alternatives and do they work?

These will be addressed by presenting the research in lay-man’s terminology.  The data will be presented “neutrally” without any particular personal belief but in a way in which I hope the audience can form their own opinions.  Question 1. Will look at how we should be using CBT and drug interventions and at what stage and how. Question 2. Examines the results from various forms of CBT including ERP, cognitive and new wave approaches. Question 3  attempts to look at how we should be tackling OCD in these extremely difficult times (this has obviously less research and more observational and anecdotal evidence) . Finally in Question 4. I will present some of the newer data on new approaches including new medication, DBS and neurosurgery as well as interventions such as transcranial magnetic  stimulation.

About the speaker

Lynne M Drummond continues to work on several international projects aimed at increasing awareness and understanding of OCD. She was a Consultant Psychiatrist with South West London and St George’s NHS Mental Health Trust from 1985-2020 and lead clinician for the nationally commissioned service for severe, enduring obsessive-compulsive and body dysmorphic disorders (OCD/BDD).  Currently she is concentrating on writing, research and working with public bodies to improve access to treatment.

Specialising particularly in CBT, she has published widely in the fields of CBT; OCD; anxiety disorders; communication skills; learning and acquisition of skills as well as exercise and mental health and is the author of 3 best-selling books on CBT and OCD.

Having been passionate about public education about mental health in general and OCD in particular, Dr. Drummond has worked extensively with the media to produce information for a lay audience. Over the years she has written and been interviewed for countless articles in magazines and newspapers; numerous radio interviews and television programmes.

Dr Lynne Drummond
Dr Lynne Drummond

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This presentation took place at the online virtual OCD-UK conference on Saturday 17th October 2020. The webinar was hosted live via Zoom to a watching audience.

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